Advanced Opening Course

Dear Parents,

Well begun is half done. It is important to improve the Opening phase of the game so that chess players can start the first few moves in a confident way.

I have prepared a course in the Advanced Opening Topics, details which are as below.

I will explain in detail the openings and their concepts so that students can play the correct moves in their own games.

This course will be taught across 15 sessions of 1.5 Hrs per session.

Fees for whole course will be Rs 8250 (to be paid in full in advance).

The Venue for the Course will either be at Club House or at Students Residence (based on availability and convenience).

Those interested in purchasing the equipment can contact the Academey, which is the best place in Bangalore for Chess Coaching.

Please confirm your enrollment for this important course.



Advanced Opening Course Topics

- KP Opening Tree

- Giuoco Piano (Bd2 main line, Nc3 gambit line, d3 line)

- Evans Gambit

- 2Ns Opening (gambit, moller attack)

- 3Ns & 4Ns Opening

- Sicilian Alapin (d5 main line, Nf6 line)

- French Exchange

- Caro Kann Exchange

- Pirc Defense (modern line)

- Modern Defense

- Scotch Opening (main line, gambit)

- Kings Gambit

- Alekhine Defense

- QGD Tartakower

- Reti Opening